Author: Herman Melville

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 270 pages

Published: February 1st 2019

डॉली जहाजावरील दोन खलाशी नूकूहेवा बंदरात जहाज आल्यावर जहाजावरून फरार होतात. आणि लपतछपत थेट नरभक्षक टैपी लोकांच्या प्रदेशात दाखल होतात. माणसाचं मांस खाणाऱ्या या जमातीच्या तावडीत सापडल्यानंतर त्यांचं नक्की काय होतं? या उत्कंठावर्धक अनुभवांची थरारक कहाणी...As the ship ‘Doly’ docks into the yard at Nukuheva Port, two of its sailors decide to run away from its atrocities. They are scared to travel back on the worn out ship on a life-long voyage. Instead, they want to enjoy life with the tribal people there. Initially, when the two had joined the ship, they were shown many red and juicy carrots. But, over the period, they realized that the officers aboard would often break almost every rule. The treatment given to the lower ranks was hideous. Exploitation had become the first rule of conduct for the high-ranking officers. As the voyage continued for a very long period, everyone was anxious to see the land. While traveling towards the Markisus islanders, two of its sailors Tomo-the author and his friend Tobo decide to run away. As they dropped the anchor at Nukuhewa, the captain permitted them to stroll around the port. They saw a golden opportunity to fulfil their plan. To stay away from the ship, they start running. They cannot afford to halt at any place. Initially, they enter the Taipi region. All they have with them are a few loaves and biscuits. They survive the hardships but after travelling thus for a week or so, the Taipi detain them. For four months they remain with the Taipi. How did they survive during this period is worth reading.